11th International Congress on Aerobiology
3 - 7 September 2018, Parma, Italy

International Association for Aerobiology (IAA)

IAA is offering several grants for young aerobiologists (follow the Young aerobiologist award rules) to take part to the ICA: deadline for application 11 May.

More info at the following link for young aerobiologist and best research paper.


Pan American Aerobiology Association (PAAA)

To encourage participation of young researchers in the ICA2018 Congress, PAAA provides two travel awards:
1) the Mary Jelks Student Development Award which is open to any student of aerobiology in the Americas. This travel award is up to $1000. Up to two awards will be granted of $500 each.
2) the Latin American Travel Award which is open to aerobiologists in Mexico, Central- and South America. This award is also up to $1000.
Information will be soon available on PAAA web page http://www.paaa.org/student-centre


International Ragweed Society (IRS)

The International Ragweed Society (IRS) is pleased to offer 6 grants to attend ICA2018 in Parma, Italy for young ragweed researchers (up to 31 years of age). Only applicants with an accepted abstract can be granted. Applications are expected from researchers studying any aspect of ragweed and must be or become member of IRS. Those who are awarded a grant will receive a contribution of 220€ for their participation to the 2-day ragweed package” (3rd-4th September of 2018) organized in the framework of ICA 2018.
The application deadline is February 19th, 2018
Information will be available on IRS web page: http://internationalragweedsociety.org/



European Aerobiology Society (EAS)   

The European Aerobiology Society (EAS) is pleased to offer 4 grants, with covering conference early fee of 410 euros + VAT to attend ICA2018 for young researchers (EAS members), after evaluation of abstracts by scientific committee of ICA2018. The application deadline is February 19th, 2018. Further information on how to apply is available on EAS web page http://www.eas-aerobiology.eu/events/.